A Guide To Buy The Best Bifocal Sunglasses

What Is Bifocal Sunglasses

Simply put, bifocal sunglasses are a pair of glasses that has four lenses, and is for people who have vision problems at close range. As the name implies, these glasses also serves as an outdoor spectacles/ sunglasses to protect the eyes from UV rays. The model is stylish and functional at the same time allow someone with long-sightedness or hypermetropia (also called hyperopia) to see clearly far away, as well as to obtain a correction for near distance vision. Corrective lenses those immersed in bifocal sunglasses are usually shaped like half moon or elliptical.rayban bifocal sunglasses

Two smaller lenses (placed inside the larger lenses), serves to address vision disorders at close range, so that the wearer gain increased close-focus range and can read clearly, while the wider lens function as sunglasses. Often bifocal sunglasses are now equipped with polarized lenses to maximize protection for the eyes from the sunlight. To get the right size of corrective lenses, you should check your eyes and get a proper prescription from an Optician. A good Optician will be able to provide the most appropriate prescription for your eyes, so your eyes will feel comfortable when you use your bifocal sunglasses.

Who Need Bifocal Sunglasses?

Okay, so you feel that you need a bifocal sunglasses. If you really have your eyes examined by an Optician and you actually diagnosed with nearsightedness, you need a bifocal glasses or progressive glasses. But you need to consider further, if you do need a pair of glasses that has two functions, as a bifocal glasses as well as a sunglasses. If you rarely are outside the house, and you mostly make your activities inside the house, then maybe a bifocal or progressive glasses is more appropriate for you. The glasses will help you to do activities that require visual focus at close range. However if you feel that you need a bifocal sunglasses, continue reading.

Where Or When You Need A Bifocal Sunglasses

Obviously, you need bifocal sunglasses when you are doing activities outdoors, in daylight. If you travel frequently, you also need this type of glasses. Imagine, if you are out of the house when the sun is shining, such as at a picnic time or at a park, and want to read your favorite book. Or you are under the scorching sun in the middle of your trip, and need to read a travel guide or a map. Your eyes need protection from harmful UV rays, and also a support for a closer view. You will get all of this from a bifocal sunglasses, so you do not need to bring two pieces of glasses and sunglasses and change it every time you need it. Bifocal sunglasses meet your needs to be able to see objects clearly at close range, while making you look stylish with a sunglasses. Practically at once convenient, isn’t it?

How To Choose The Right Bifocal Sunglasses

You need to consider several things in choosing the right bifocal sunglasses for you. Some of the most important thing is the selection of the right lens, the right frame, and model that you like.

Proper lens material

There are several types of eyeglass lenses. For example, polycarbonate lenses. This type of lens is scratch resistant and impact resistant. A polycarbonate lens suitable for heavy workers, athletes, or people who tend to be careless as children. Often these types of lenses also provide protection against UV rays. For those that involve a lot in physical outdoors activity, it is best to combine this with the google frame type. A lens which is a further development is Trivex lens. Trivex has all the advantage of polycarbonate lenses, plus other advantages, ande made of plastic which is lighter in weight and has thinner size. Many people feel Trivex lenses provide better vision correction than polycarbonate. Photochromic lenses are a unique lens. This lens can change its color to becomes darker when exposed to sunlight and turns back into a lighter color in the room, so in the house this gives a clearer view, and in outdoors serves as a sunglasses. If you want a pair of glasses that serve as a bifocal glasses for indoor activities and at the same time a bifocal sunglasses, you’ll want to choose this type of lens. High index plastic lenses designed for people who need a strong prescription, so he/ she does not require thick glasses, and vice versa can feel more comfortable in using high index plastic lenses due to the size of the lens that is thinner and lighter. And last, types of polarized lenses. I’m not going to give a lengthy explanation about polarized lenses, because Google already provides all the information you need. In essence, polarized lenses filter out sunlight more effectively, and your eyes will feel more comfortable and avoided from glare. Clearly that the polarized lenses sunglasses are designed for outdoor. There is one interesting tips to test the authenticity of a polarized lens. If you look at an lcd screen, all the scratches on the LCD screen can be clearly seen.

Right frame

One factor that is not less important than a bifocal sunglasses are the choice of the right frame. Do not just choose a frame for fashion or as recommended by others. Right frame will make you comfortable in using your glasses. Right frame will support your glasses well, and frames that suit your face will make you look more attractive. So it is clear that the selection of the frame does not only involve the sheer convenience factor, but also the factor of style/ appearance. High-priced frames will be wasted if you are not comfortable wearing it, and appears to be in accordance with the contours of your face. So, choose a frame that works best for you. Consider the weight of the frame that you choose. Frame that is too heavy will make you tired to wear your glasses for a long time. Hey, the human nose is not designed to support the load that is too heavy. Frame weight is very relative for everyone. Maybe for other people a frame feels light, but it feels too heavy for you and make it uncomfortable. Frames made from titanium is a good choice, because titanium is a type of metal that is very lightweight and rustproof. You may spend more initially, but you will cut corners if your bifocal sunglasses last longer. Consider also the right frame color. And no less important, is the appropriate prescription.

Another thing to consider is, whether the form of the frame that you select is fit to the shape of your nose. The frame might be lighter, but if the form does not fit the contours of the face it will create discomfort. Every good optician will provide a mirror so that you can try to feel and see how you look when wearing glasses. If you’re in doubt, it’s probably not the right glasses.

Consider also the design of glasses that you will choose. Many designers provide bifocal sunglasses. Ray-Ban, Nike, Anne Klein, Prada, Bora, Churada, Ralph Lauren, Bobby Jones, is a well-known brands that provide bifocal sunglasses. My advice, do not choose sunglasses knock offs or imitations made in China, because of their low quality. You do not have to choose well-known designer frames, because many bifocal sunglasses are sold at a price of $ 10 – $ 30. Check amazon. There are many bifocal sunglasses with low prices as an ideal eyewear, style eyes, RL, dewalt, ICU, and so forth.

How To Caring Your Bifocal Sunglasses

Use a soft cloth, preferably the cloth that comes with the bifocal sunglasses. If your lenses are dirty, you should wash your glasses with soap and warm water. Dirts such as sand will scratch the lens coating if you wipe your glasses without rinsing with water first. Keep bifocal sunglasses in its case. Do not bagging sunglasses along with other items that can be scratching the surface of the lens, such as keys, and other items. Choose the lenses and frames that include a good coating. It will make your glasses last longer. Do not expose your glasses from chemicals, such as rubbing alcohol and others. That is the way you take care of bifocal sunglasses. Simple isn’t it?

The Difference Between Bifocal And Progressive Lenses

Maybe you need to know about the differences between the two lenses. Both of these lenses have the same function, namely to provide a correction to the eye to see clearly in the near distance. The difference between the two, in the simplest terms is, bifocal glasses has four lenses, where smaller lenses (usually half moon shaped and located at the bottom of the lens), intended for correction of long-sightedness or farsightedness. This smaller lens is used to perform activities that require sight in close quarters such as reading, writing, working with computers, and so forth. The wider lenses are used for distance vision. Progressive lenses, also called invisible bifocals, only have two lenses, with the same functionality as bifocal glasses. Top section is adjusted for long distance vision. The center of the lens is adjusted for intermediate distance vision. And the bottom of the lens for close-range vision. Only you would know what kind of sunglasses that best suits your tastes and desires, whether it’s a bifocal sunglasses or progressive sunglasses.

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Polarized Bifocal Sunglasses, Better Protection For Your Eyes

Decrease Of Visibility Along With Aging

Along with age, our visibility will declined. We will experience a decrease in flexibility of the eye muscles. As a result, many people have difficulty difficulties in view objects at close range. A good example is when we read. People like this need a bifocal glasses, or reading glasses. Try testing your eyes. Take a newspaper, start reading in the normal range, about 30 centimeters. If you can still read it, congratulations to you, because it seems you do not need bifocal glasses yet. Continue reading

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